Monday, September 20, 2010

A Check of The Genealogical Calendar Reveals - It's Almost Lobster Day!

Here in the great Northeast, the “Official Genealogical Year” tends to be rather short; it’s only about 6 and a half months long, give or take a week or two. The Genealogical Event Months that make up the Genealogical Year are April, May and part of June, followed later in the year by part of August, September, October and part of November.

There are two seasons – Spring/Almost Summer and Late Summer/Fall – and for the rest of the year, the calendar is pretty much devoid of major (and even minor) events.  Occasionally, an event or two takes place outside these times, but it’s truly rare.

So, even though the Official Genealogical Year is getting short, there are still plenty of things to do.

This weekend, for example, we exhibited at the 7th annual “Life in the Past Lane” Conference sponsored by the Friends of NARA – Pittsfield at the classy Williams Inn, in bucolic Williamstown, MA. If you missed it this year, plan on joining us next year for the 8th annual event.  The location will be the same and the date has already been set for Saturday, September 17, 2011.

Jonathan Sheppard Books - 10 Minutes Before Opening
Leslie Albrecht Huber Discusses Ways To Improve Your Organizational Skills
Above are a few pix of (a.) the Jonathan Sheppard Books display and (b.) Leslie Albrecht Huber presenting her talk on “getting organized” -  for genealogists.


The View From Point Lookout
 Next weekend, we’ll be enjoying the cool sea breezes in idyllic Northport, Maine while we’re exhibiting at the Annual Family History Conference sponsored by the Maine Genealogical Society.  The conference, with Dick Eastman as the keynote speaker, will be held next Saturday (September 25) at the Point Lookout Resort and Conference Center, 67 Atlantic Highway, Northport, Maine. 

Here, you can learn about wikis for genealogy, emerging technology, researching WWII ancestors, preserving digital photos and a host of other useful topics. The organizers have put together three tracks (count ‘em, THREE) of breakout sessions to insure that you’ll have plenty of topical choices.

Plus, you’ll be on the coast of Maine (which in itself is hard to beat, especially this time of year). 
Rumor has it that they have lobsters in those parts down east…

For more information and a link to the registration info, visit the conference website at

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