Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Valentine's Day Whimsy

That’s part of the fun of genealogy: I can look at the “New York Sex Heat” map that appeared in yesterday’s online edition of trendy New York magazine and see at a glance that the Brooklyn neighborhood that my great-grandmother and her sisters moved to around 1900 – and therefore the neighborhood where my grandmother, her sibs and her cousins all grew up during their teenage years– now shines as (to quote the article) Brooklyn’s “swingingest” singles scene.

Who knew that my grandmother Rose and her four sibs grew up in such a trendy area? 

The analysis of the data on “relative kinkiness” and “sex want” from the “OKCupid” personals site has revealed some very "interesting" patterns for the modern day geographic area once known as “The City of Greater New York”.

Kinda makes you wonder:  do neighborhoods change much?  Or, more to the point, do people change much?

Hard as I try, I can't imagine my great-grandmother or any of her sibs at the pre-WWI version of a loft party.  Some of her descendants, however...

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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